Filling Out A Credit Application


Getting business credit requires applying for it first. Filling out a business credit application depends on what type of credit is being applied for and who the lender is. In general, there are a few basic rules and procedures needed to complete a business credit application.

I. Prepare and bring all necessary documentation. This may include a detailed business plan that describes how the company is structured, who the principals are, the experience and expertise of key members of management, the financial condition of the business, all other credit accounts, and forecasts for the future.

II. In accordance with having a rigorous business plan that addresses all eventualities, you should be prepared to discuss how the loan or credit is going to be used (pay operating expenses, fund new investment projects, purchase inventory, etc.) and how long until it is expected to be repaid.

III. Be thorough and accurate when physically filling out a business credit application. Answer all questions and fill in all fields of the application form. Make sure all the information provides is accurate and, where appropriate, can be supported by documentation. Along those lines, ensure that all information provided is up to date. While filling out the business credit application, if you are unclear about anything that is being asked, inquire with a representative so that they can clarify any confusion.

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Some of the specific information that will most likely be asked is the full name, date of birth, and addresses of key management. All relevant work history, both present and past, along with contact numbers, addresses, and descriptions of the business and references are typically required. Financial information, such as active bank and credit accounts, should be disclosed.

The best advice is to be prepared and ready to support all claims when filling out a business credit application.

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