A Slam Dunk for the Dunkin’ Donuts Economy!

For the Economy and Coffee and Donut Lovers Alike

In 1950, William Rosenberg took a risk and opened a coffee and donut shop. By 1954, he had five of them called Dunkin’ Donuts. By 1955, he was franchising them. In fact, in 1960, William (Bill) Rosenberg founded the International Franchise Association (IFA). Success magazine called him the “father of franchising as we know it today”.

Today there are 7,988 Dunkin’ Donut shops in 30 countries. They sell approximately a dozen coffee beverages and 52 varieties of donuts. They serve almost a billion cups of coffee per year or over 3 million per day.

William Rosenberg grew up during the depression and new that hard work, perseverance, and belief in a concept would bring him success. Today, the company he founded employs thousands worldwide. This is in addition to the trickle down effect in the economy all the company’s locations provide. Their locations provide tax income to municipalities, and revenue for their suppliers. These locations also give young people entering the workforce a place to work. Some use it as starting points to further their education and career growth, while some become franchisee owners themselves later on.

One man dared to put his ideas into action. One man dared to put up money to start a business. One man was the seed for a worldwide corporation that continues to grow to this day.

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